Reba Doyle New Special Projects Coordinator for Arlington Property Management

Reba H. Doyle, Special Projects Management

Reba H. Doyle

Arlington Properties, Inc., today announced that Reba Doyle has accepted the new position of Special Projects Coordinator for Arlington Property Management. She has been the Director of Human Resources for Arlington for over 13 years.

Ms. Doyle joined Arlington Properties in 2004 and has served as director of human resources for both Arlington Properties, Inc. (API), and Arlington Construction Services (ACS). In that capacity Doyle has overseen strategic and policy-making aspects of HR, benefits planning, the development of human resources policies and procedures, worker’s compensation, safety administration and performance management. Her in-depth understanding and widespread experience enabled API and ACS to recruit and retain top talent in the construction, real estate development and property management industries. Before joining the company, she was with BellSouth Telecommunications performing various roles in engineering, rates, economics, and human resources.

“Reba Doyle is a leader within Arlington because of her integrity and spirit. While her position is changing, she will continue to be a vital part of the organization,” said Jim Dixon, president of Arlington Properties, Inc. “We look forward to having Reba work with the property management team,” said Tammy Wyble, president of Arlington Property Management. “She brings a vast amount of knowledge to the table for Arlington Property Management and will be a huge asset.”